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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Basingstoke, Hampshire

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy often referred to as CBT is one of the more recent forms of therapy. It is an increasingly popular technique particularly for those who are looking to achieve change quickly.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can form the basis for much short term therapy work. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is regarded by some therapists as a general methodology and by others as a precise treatment plan. It can be used to help clients deal with a range of conditions including social phobia, depression, generalised anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Unlike some more traditional therapies, CBT uses a structured approach. Some CBT therapists openly refer to the concept of teaching techniques and strategies. With this approach, the work carried out by clients between sessions and outside of the counselling room is increasingly important.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy will not be right for everyone. The structured techniques associated with CBT, with an emphasis on developing coping skills, may not work for some people. There will be clients who prefer to find a safe place where they have time to explore their feelings and emotions before embarking on the process of change. For those people, other more reflective counselling approaches such as psychodynamic or person centred counselling, may prove to be a more effective form of therapy.

As a first step we can discuss the suitability of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for you and whether it would be helpful for your situation. In any case, CBT needn't be our first step and can always be considered again at a later point.