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Basingstoke Counselling Services & Therapy Techniques
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Basingstoke Counselling Services & Therapy Techniques

Everyone is unique as are the challenges that we all face in our daily lives. I use a number of different counselling approaches but no one method is superior to others. What is important is to find the right counselling strategy that will suit your individual needs.

Whichever route we take, you will be assured of privacy, confidentiality and of finding a safe place where you can work on personal issues without any fear of being judged.

People like to work in different ways and I acknowledge that within the counselling room. There are many different types of counselling. Some techniques are structured and encourage a focused approach, perhaps with an emphasis on achieving early change.

Others provide a more reflective opportunity to explore what is really going on at a deeper level within our emotional life. I work as an integrative therapist which means I try to bring together different ways of working to best fit with the needs of each individual client.

For more information about my counselling and therapy techniques click on the links below. This may help you to consider whether one particular type of counselling has an immediate appeal for you.

Counselling & Therapy Techniques

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