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One specialised form of counselling or therapy is couples counselling. This is also referred to as relationship counselling.

Couples will decide to come into counselling for many reasons. Every couple and every relationship develops a distinctive personality and a particular way of being. Couples Counselling can prove useful when that relationship is threatened. That threat can come from inside the relationship as a result of arguments over practical or emotional issues or from outside factors such as the intervention of another person or a sudden change including redundancy, illness or even retirement.

Sometimes it is helpful to work through that threat with the support of a trained counsellor or therapist who will listen and comment but not judge.

As a counsellor, my role is not to tell couples how they should act or what they should be feeling. I am there to support the couple and to encourage each individual to think about how what is happening to the relationship and how they would prefer things to be. That will often result in a strengthening of the relationship but the sought after outcome can sometimes be a more amicable ending.

The focus of the counselling work is initially on understanding what is happening. It is about allowing both people in the relationship to decide on what they each want both as individuals and as part of a couple.

I work in a flexible way with clients. Sessions can be of whatever length and frequency works best for those involved. I always suggest an initial informal discussion and as that can continue for some time for couples counselling I usually request a modest fee to cover that first session. That meeting can help each individual decide whether couples counselling / relationship counselling is right for them.

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